2020 Genesis G80

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered daily routines for many Genesis owners, and you may need to adjust how you care about your vehicle as a result. Some Genesis drivers have parked their vehicle in the garage and believe that they can put their maintenance needs in the closet until they start using their car frequently again. Others may not want to take their vehicle to a service center now because of concerns for their well-being or because they are overloaded at work as a first responder. Whether you can relate to these situations or other factors are at play, one thing is for sure. Your Genesis still requires regular attention to continue running well.

Take Your Genesis Out for a Drive

You may assume that one of the best ways to keep your car well-maintained is to keep it parked in a safe place. However, vehicles are designed to be driven, and idleness can, unfortunately, result in damages and repair issues. For example, if the brakes are not used regularly, they will become rusty. If the battery is not recharged with the engine's operation, it will lose power. The belts, hoses, tires, and other components can also be damaged in different ways. How can you prevent unnecessary damage to your Genesis? Even if you must stay at home more than usual, you can and should take your car out on the road for approximately 20 to 30 minutes at least every two weeks. This simple step can reduce the likelihood of damages related to idleness.

Check Under the Hood

You can identify the development of some damages quickly if you pop open the hood every few weeks. In addition to checking all connections and looking for leaks, turn your attention to the belts and hoses. If they look brittle, cracked, or worn, it is time to replace them. Keep in mind that you may experience a breakdown or face other unpleasant situations if these parts wear entirely or break. Taking preemptive steps to identify and deal with damage may reduce the chance of a significant breakdown.

Get an Oil Change

If you know how to change your car's oil, you can stay safe at home and keep your engine properly maintained. After all, the engine requires fresh oil to run well and to avoid damage related to excess heat and wear. With many online videos to learn from, you can change your car's oil even if you have never done so before. Another idea is to sit in your Genesis while a professional mechanic changes the oil.

You can keep your Genesis well-maintained without placing yourself in an unnecessarily risky situation. Our Genesis associates are available to answer your questions and to support you in other ways as needed.